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Hey, guys! I hope you are having a fabulous summer. It is hard to believe we are almost to July, which means summer is half over (for me).

I have a question for you. Do you ever use task cards in your classroom? If so, I can't wait to share with you what I have been working on the past week.  I have been creating online digital task cards through Boom Learning℠.  Have you ever heard of Boom Learning? If not, don't feel like you are too far behind the tech times. I hadn't heard about them either until recently. When I did, I had to check it out because I use task cards All...The...Time... in my classroom.

What is Boom Learning? 

Boom learning in an online digital platform for task cards.  The cards can be played on any electronic device. 

Here is something that I thought was super cool. Students can log in, play the task cards and it will track their progress. I'm not sure about you, but any extra data that I can collect without a bunch of extra work is a win-win for me. 

The cards are self-checking. This means students get immediate feedback when playing their decks (what the cards are called in Boom Learning). 

There are many task cards you can choose from plus all types of subject areas. 

Why do students love Boom Learning? 

This day and age lots of students play games on some form of electronic device. They have technology that wasn't available when I was a kid.

Boom Cards™ are played on any electrical device. When a student chooses an answer it jiggles if it is right. If it is incorrect, it shows a circle with a line at a diagonal. Right and wrong answers also have a different sound that happens when students click on an answer choice. It also allows them to try again before moving to the next card. They also have an option to click the surrender button and it will move them to the next car.

I had my own kiddo's to try out the decks to see how they liked them. Their verdict...two thumbs up!

How do I set up an account? 

Teachers Pay Teachers is allowing Boom Cards to be posted on their site. The cool part about this is if you download Boom Cards from TpT Boom Learning will give you a year free membership. If you have a membership, you can set up your class, and it will track how they do on the task cards assigned. 

There is still an option to play the cards in Fast Play mode if you chose not to keep your membership. 

You can also set up an account directly from their site. The set-up process is easy either way you choose to access the cards. 

I created a free set for you to try. You can access it by clicking on the picture below. It will take you to the product in my TpT store. Then, you can download the file and follow the direction to access your free link.

I hope you enjoy this fun, new learning tool as much as I do!


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