Long Weekend

Happy long weekend!  We have been in the school routine for two weeks now and was very thankful to have a long weekend.  I can tell that school is in full swing since my eyes begin to get heavy way before 9:00 (not that I ever make it to bed that early!)  This weekend there are a few “little” projects that I wanted to begin/catch up on to get ready for the next couple weeks.  One of them is taking the student information sheets I received and adding the information into a spreadsheet.  I always keep the sheets handy but think this will be more beneficial to have all the information in one place.
On another note….I just added something new to my TpT store.  It is an ELA review for the first six weeks. (Other six weeks will be added at a later date).  It contains concepts that are taught in the first six weeks.  They have been a great addition to my daily routine and don’t take much time to finish.  Right now we do two days as a whole group, with partners for two days and one day independently.  I love throwing in group work anytime I can.  Students love working together and they gain so many great skills during that time.  Below is a preview of the ELA Reviews.  There are 25 days of review, and answer keys that correlate.  I have also added vocabulary cards.  I like to display common vocabulary on a wall in my classroom and wanted you guys to have them as well. Feel free to click on my Teacher Pay Teacher button on the side bar to check this item out at my store. (There are a few more previews that are not shown below).  It will take you directly to my store. 


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

ELA Reviews

Happy Hump day!  WOW!! It is hard to believe that we have been in school almost two full weeks.  This time has flown and am enjoying getting to know my little kiddo’s.  They are so funny and of course never know what they are going to say…like today when they were guessing my age and one little cutie blurted 50~  Yep, happens at least once a year.  Winking smile
We began our interactive writing journals today.  I think that they are going to LOVE this and it will be a great “gift” they will have at the end of the year.  It will be fun to see how far they grow in their writing skills. 
Something new that I have started this year is a daily review for ELA.  I only started this on Monday and have only tried it for 3 days but am LOVING it!!  My students are loving it as well and what is great is that it doesn’t take long to complete.  It will be posted in my store this weekend.  Yippee!! I have been itching to post it to my store but have a few pages (like the cute cover sheet) and the packet will be finished.  Each set will be based on the skills we are working on during that six weeks.  Some of the skills will be reviewed each time, others will spiral back later in the year depending on the sequence.   I will be adding new reviews during the school year (each six weeks).  I can’t wait to share them with all of you and hope you and your students enjoy them as much as we do. Smile 
Have a great evening and enjoy the rest of your week.