Literacy Station Rotation Chart

Happy Sunday!  Sorry, this post has taken so long to write. We have been sick off and on in our house.  It started with me, I passed it to all the kids and back around again.  We just seem to love sharing!  haha

When I decided to change up my literacy stations, I had to figure out the simplest way for my students' to know what station they were at and which they would move to next.  I wanted an easy visual for myself and my first graders.

Below is a picture of my rotation chart.

I divide my students into groups of 2-3, depending on how many students I have in class.  I like to keep my station groups as small as I can.

Each round lasts 15-20 minutes.  Students' will rotate to the next station once I have finished a reading group.

How are groups moved? 

I move the station groups directly down the chart.

Do you have students return to their station after they finish reading at the teacher table? 

No, I do not.  Once I finish with a group I ring a bell.  This is our cue to clean up our stations.  We then move to the carpet as a group.  I like to call my next reading group to my table before I move students' to their next station.  We meet back at the carpet after each station.
When a student misses a station, they will have a chance to visit it later in the week.
Thanks for checking out how I use my rotation chart.  In my next post, I will explain how I set up each station.

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