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Thank you so much for stopping by.  Implementing literacy stations in the elementary classroom can be overwhelming, stressful, and maybe even a tad" daunting.  Just the thought of the time it can take to make them work successfully for all students might make you hyperventilate and want to throw that crazy" idea out the window.  Yep, I totally get it.  

Have you ever thought…..

•    How can I possibly implement Literacy Stations while keeping my sanity?
•    Is there a way to use stations in my classroom that does not require an overwhelming amount of time preparing each week?
•    How do I keep my students’ engaged in stations while I am working with small groups?
•    What can I do to ensure that I am not having to recreate the wheel each week for my Literacy Stations?
•    I would love to use Literacy Stations but I am at a loss for how to begin?

If you are shaking your head in agreement and thinking.... I’m right there with ya,  girl!"   You are in the right place!

I help busy, stressed out teachers increase student engagement through differentiated literacy stations.

“How do you do that?”  I am so glad you asked.

I help provide….

•    Engaging, differentiated resources that challenge all learners.
•    Easy prep activities that allow students to apply their learning in their reading and writing.
•    Literacy Station “How To” ideas to help you implement stations without all the tears and frustration.
•    Tips I use in my own classroom to help stations run smoothly and effectively.

I am passionate about creating engaging hands-on resources that are differentiated to use in literacy stations.  It is important to me for YOU to have what YOU need to help run your literacy block smoothly, effectively with as little prep as possible.  One of my goals is for you to fall in LOVE with your literacy block without sacrificing precious time with your family and friends. 

I hope the tools I share will help you have extra time to spend with your loved ones and maybe even squeeze in the all-important (but normally neglected) me" time. 

A Little About Me...

I am a First Grade teacher from Texas and a Kiki" to two very special kids.  I love teaching reading.  Watching a students' face light up when they get it" is so rewarding!  I treasure that small group time daily.

I feel extremely blessed to share my passion for creating engaging, differentiated literacy resources to meet your classroom needs.  Thanks for blessing me by allowing me to share my passion with you. 

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