Beginning of Year

Good evening!  I am very excited to share the activity below.  This is something that I do every year.  I begin it the first week but does takes a while to complete.  It is not a hard activity and does not require a bunch of unexpected prep work. 
The activity is called “My Book of Friends”.  I choose 1 student (once a day or a few days in between depending on my schedule) and classmates “interview” them.  You can even spread it out over the span of the school year and choose 1 student a week.      Students ask their friend 5 questions.  We write the information that we have learned on chart paper.  That information is used for the class to write a page in the “All About Me” book.  The student that is interviewed works on the cover sheet.  They get to take the book home at the end of the day.  They LOVE getting to take a book home that the class has made for them.
You can pick up your own copy by clicking on the picture below.  It will take you directly to my TpT store. Smile 
book of friends

Just for fun, here is another freebie!  I hope you enjoy.
Recovered Autosave


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